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boulder flooding

Well, we asked for rain. Looks like we got it. And we keep getting it! So much for that 300 days of sunshine, right? We’ve had 6.5 inches of rain (and counting) in the past 24 hours.

This morning, I’m not-to-happy to report that my former apartment complex is under a few feet of water (note to self: glad I moved), but there’s not really anyone in the great Boulder area who’s untouched by the flooding right now.

We’ve pulled together the latest reports (note: it’s about 10AM) on the situation from Boulder to Lyons to Nederland. Wherever you are, please stay safe. There’s little that cannot wait until flood waters subside and remember — the numbers 9-1-1 on your phoone dial work for a reason.

First: AVOID THE CANYON ROADS. Jamestown and Four Mile Canyon have already caused deaths.

Two deaths already confirmed due to mudslides and flooding.

Sherrif requesting that Boulder residents stay home today.

CU Boulder is closed today. Students, stay put. Flooding in Boulder is no joke.

In addition to CU, there are more closures: Boulder Valley, St. Vrain, Naropa.

According to multiple reports on Twitter and Facebook from my friends in the area, Nederland is cut off. They have lost their sewage plant and clean water. All Nederland residents are encouraged to seek shelter on higher ground.

Want to see how bad it really is? Check out this slide show from the Denver Post. You can even see my old apartment complex under water. Woo hoo (sad).

Lyons is serverly impacted — Lyons residents urged to higher ground and roads are impassable.


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  1. CSL says

    Nederland still has clean water, and didn’t lose its sewage plant, according to Town Hall. And (thank our lucky stars) we still have power/gas/cellphone service! But from what I’ve heard, we *are* cut off from the rest of the world.


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