Run, Boulder, Run: Get Registered for the Bolder Boulder 10k!

bolder boulder 2013

As you can see, the Bolder Boulder is kind of a big deal! Credit: scubadive67 on Flickr

What could possibly make running 6.2 miles around beautiful Boulder any better?

How about an Elvis sighting, a Blues Brothers performance and a troupe of belly dancers? Still not intrigued? Fine, I’ll throw in keg stands, a slip-and-slide, and a bacon stand.

And then, at the end of all that craziness, you can run into Folsom Stadium and cross the finish line to the roar of the crowd. That’s what the Bolder Boulder 10k is about. All that and sharing the race course with 50,000 other runners…what better way to celebrate Memorial Day?

If you’re thinking that a 10K isn’t extreme enough, perhaps you should consider dressing up in costume to run the race. You’d be in good company with the bride & groom, the team costumes and the inevitable afro-wearing fairy-winged ballerinas. But if your race time is a big concern, fret not. The Bolder Boulder offers super competitive waves and because they take it seriously, you have to prove that you can actually run that pace by qualifying for the more elite start-times. Don’t mess around with the A wave. Those are some fast runners.

Be warned that if you live on the race course, or need to get anywhere in Boulder that morning, you’re better off staying at home. Or not coming home the night before. Because once the race gets set up, you’re not going anywhere. That’s why the spectators are so much fun. They embrace their job. Runners pass house parties, neighborhood gatherings, brunches spread out on lawns and of course, college students still awake trying to finish a keg. It’s fun to run through parties with strangers cheering you on and the smell of bacon pushing you to the finish line. Just remember to keep running. Those parties can be tempting.

After finishing the race, the real Bolder Boulder party is just getting started. There are goody bags, blaring music and fighter jets that fly overhead at noon. It is Memorial Day weekend after all. From Folsom stadium, it’s a short walk to the Boulder Creek Festival, where proper race recovery begins with a funnel cake and a cold microbrew. Stretch your legs out, people-watch and feel confident that after running 6.2 miles, you really can have that turkey leg on a stick.

Registration is now open for the 2013 Bolder Bolder. Both Tara and Erika from YourBoulder are running this year — are you? Get registered here!

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