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To say Boulder is a healthy, fitness-oriented town is an understatement, and all the amazing opportunities for outdoor recreation are a big part of that. You almost can’t help but be in good shape here, thanks to miles of trails for hiking and running, an avid bicycling culture, and some of the best rock climbing around. And of course, a day of skiing is just a short drive away.

Boulder is also home to many true world-class athletes. Outside Magazine named Boulder the “#1 Sports Town in America” due to the high-caliber cyclists, runners, and rock climbers who live here and enjoy the bountiful training opportunities right outside the front door.

Don’t worry … you don’t have to be preparing for the Olympics to enjoy everything Boulder offers in the form of outdoor recreation. Take a look at some of the amazing free activities you can enjoy today.

flagstaff mountain

Boulder Hike of the Month: Flagstaff Mountain Summit

Flagstaff Mountain is Boulder’s 4th highest peak at 7,283 feet and its summit offers incredible views of the Continental Divide, the Boulder range, and the plains. It’s also a fantastic spot for wildlife watching. Deer, wild turkey, raptors, bears, bobcats, and even mountain lions are regularly spotted here. Rocky outcrops

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Galbraith Loop Colorado hike feature

Boulder Field Trip: Hike the Mount Galbraith Loop

Are you stuck in a hiker’s version of Groundhog Day, hitting up the same Boulder trails over and over and over again? If so, then it might be time to head to nearby Jefferson County and mix things up. Only 45 minutes from Boulder, Jefferson County Open Space is comprised

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boulder outdoor recreation groups 2017

Boulder Newcomers’ Guide to Local Outdoor Recreation Groups

If you’re new to Boulder, you’re likely excited and maybe a little intimidated by the overwhelming number of outdoor recreation opportunities here. The City of Boulder is comprised of 45,000 acres of open space while Boulder County boasts over 63,000 acres of open space. This land provides miles and miles

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hike to emerald lake dream lake

Boulder Hiking Field Trip: A Winter Hike to Emerald Lake

Experienced Colorado hikers know this golden rule: It’s always better in winter. Colder? Yes. Tougher? Yes. Worth it? Oh yes. Winter is the “slow season” for fair weather hikers, which means it’s “go season” for the rest of us. Nowhere is this truer than in Rocky Mountain National Park. The

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boulder hike gem lake

Boulder Field Trip: A Winter Hike to Gem Lake

Boulder is a true haven for hikers. Not only do we have 145 miles of trails within city limits, but just a short drive away are countless other incredible places to explore. And if you’re a Boulderite looking new adventures, look no further than Rocky Mountain National Park. Just an

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Hike Boulder: A Winter Wander in Chautauqua

Imagine a quiet, peaceful forest without a soul in sight. The only sounds are your breath and the chirping chickadees. You feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of town. Believe it or not, this is Chautauqua. Boulder’s busiest trailhead is typically bursting with people, tourists and locals alike,

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