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Foodies rejoice! In addition to having one of the best farmer’s markets in the country and a local culinary school, Boulder hosts a vibrant restaurant scene of over 115 establishments. How good are these dining choices? Well, Bon Appétit named Boulder the Foodiest Town of 2010.

Boulder restaurants feature cuisine choices that run the gamut, while emphasizing organic selections, locally-grown produce, and native Colorado beef and bison. Add to that charming outdoor cafes, rooftop dining, and local breweries, and you’ve got an amazing way to indulge after your day of outdoor fun.

Check out our reviews of Boulder restaurants, and features of local dining and imbibing hot spots. You may burn a lot of calories in Boulder, but you won’t go hungry (or thirsty).

best chinese food boulder

Best Chinese Food in Boulder: The Lucky 7

In this article, we cover top restaurants to try the best Chinese food in Boulder. For being such a relatively small town, Boulder sure is a center for those who know their way around food and drink. Foodies and gourmands, even famous ones, flock to Boulder to see what’s going

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boulder breweries

The 10 Best Breweries and Brews in Boulder, Colorado

In this article, we put together a list of the 10 best breweries in Boulder, CO. We also included top brews for each brewery and lots more. Let’s dive right in. From the 1970s when Boulderite Charlie Papazian pioneered the concept of microbrewing by putting home-brewed beer on the map,

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asian restaurants boulder

Asian Sensation: Best Asian Restaurants in Boulder

The category of Asian cuisine is probably one of the most varied of any type. From Thai to Japanese and Indian to Vietnamese, the menu items vary vastly and delight various regions of your taste buds. As one of the foodiest towns in the country, Boulder definitely boasts some spectacular

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burguer restaurants boulder

Best Burger Restaurants in Boulder

Boulder is one of the best food towns in the country. Foodies from all over flock here for everything from fine dining to cutting edge food trucks (and everything in between). Boulder’s also the number one city for fitness, so you might wonder at this title—surely the fittest and most

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dance boulder

The 6 Best Places to Dance the Night Away in Boulder

You’ve read about Boulder’s rocking nightlife here at YourBoulder before, and so you no doubt know how hopping our town gets after dark. Between craft beer, artisan cocktails, and beautiful outdoor places to have a late-night bite. You can’t beat Boulder for the nightlife, whether it’s downtown or up on

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