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Cold Coffee On Tap at The Cup

I take my coffee hot, like the sun. It would scald most tongues. I also take it decaf. And if truth be told, my preferred cup is a whole lot of heavy whipping cream with just a splash of coffee. But when I heard The Cup had Boulder’s first coffee

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About Your Boulder

How to Buy Coffee in Boulder

Boulder – we love our startups, hiking trails, Xterra races, and farm-to-table produce. But damn, do we also love us some coffee. You could swing a stalk of organic brussel sprouts over your head and hit at least two purveyors of roasted bean goodness (and that’s valid for pretty much

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The Goat at the Garage

Everyone knows about The Laughing Goat on the east end of Pearl Street and college students frequent the Goat on the CU campus. But now, there’s a new member to the Goat family. The Baby Goat, also known as The Goat at the Garage, is adjacent to the Green Garage

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Boulder Business

A Trend I Hope Catches on in #Boulder: Suspended Coffee

Have you heard of “suspended coffee”? Neither had I — until yesterday. I was doing what I do (trolling around Facebook in order to avoid the next task on my list) and came across a post shared by a friend. It explained the following scenario — with a tale that

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About Your Boulder

The Laughing Goat: Coffee, Tea, Brews, and Tunes

Old church pews line the walls. Copper-colored tables hold everything from coffee and tea to laptops. There’s a stage in the back with a sometimes lonely piano perched on top. The bakery case up front is always filled to the brim with fresh-baked goodness. When you walk into a Pearl

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