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Boulder Neighborhood Guide: Downtown

Pearl Street, located in the heart of downtown Boulder, is the bustling center of town. It provides tourists and locals alike a place to walk, eat and shop in the shadows of the Flatirons. With a four-block stretch of Pearl Street designated as a pedestrian walking mall, opportunities abound for

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crossfit boulder

Crossfit: Boulder’s Unofficial Religion

Boulder’s Crossfit community is small but growing. If you hang around any of Boulder’s coffee places long enough and you’ll probably hear talk of the shop and the WOD. Tough-looking women and men can be found discussing their Diane times and back squat PRs. These same people will espouse the

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Homes for Sale

Washington Village: A Cohousing Community in the Heart of Boulder

Are you familiar with the concept of cohousing? It may seem a bit on the hippy side, but don’t worry – it’s not about forgoing personal property rights in favor of communal living. Cohousing communities are planned neighborhoods that bring together private home ownership with sustainable living and an enhanced

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Feature Articles

Two New Home Communities in Boulder That You Might Not Know About

Building a new home in the City of Boulder can be a challenging prospect. Often there’s more involved than simply building the house. There is, of course, the tear-down route. On top of a tight market for desirable locations and the added cost of demolition, you’ll also need to make

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Homes for Sale

Menkick House: A Classic Boulder Home Now for Sale

Have an extra $5.5 million around? Well, here’s your chance to own what many consider the most significant architectural showcase home in Boulder, Colorado — The Menkick House. That magnificent rock outcropping you see is no mere backdrop. This spectacular home’s design is accentuated by three interior stone masses that

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