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My personal yoga practice was my gateway into the world of bodywork. By way of listening attentively to my breath and working with form through asana practice I was cued into experiencing subtleties about myself that I had never been aware of. My postural, emotional, and mental patterns were exposed and I saw a glimpse of how working with these patterns via the breath could allow me to work towards a more calm and clear state of being. These glimpses intrigued me to dive deeper into the unseen yet felt conditioning that often unconsciously governs our posture, emotions, minds, and breath. Our lives.

In 2007 I began studying at Earthwalk School of Energy in Bellvue, WA and I graduated from their 560 hour Advanced Vibrational Medicine program in June 2009. This was an extensive training on the subtle energy system of the body and various modalities of working with it. Throughout this time period my Ashtanga yoga practice gave me a great template to observe the subtle and gross representations of what I had been studying on a personal level.

In November of 2009 I completed Richard Freeman's 200 hour Teacher Training Intensive and settled back to my native home of Colorado. In 2012 I graduated from Denver Integrative Massage School with a 600 hour training in Thai and Western massage modalities.

The cumulative and integrated practice that has formed from these experiences is what I invite you to explore with me. I wish to create a space that informs each client or student a little more about themselves to experience a more clear and comfortable way of life. Whether the most helpful platform for you is yoga, massage, or energy work, the viable element is the breath, which is what every treatment or class I offer is built upon.


1633 Pine Street Boulder, CO

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