About this business

Modern Living Architecture is the inspiration for our 40-year practice – co-creating with our clients, listening to the land and climate, together arriving at remarkable design solutions that are ecologically inspired. From neighborhood remodels to expansive custom homes on a spectacular site, ranging in style from modern to earthy organic, each house we design, through experience, truly becomes a home.

Wondering how to get into Boulder?

In this challenging market, how can you turn your dream of living in the beautiful Boulder community into a reality? We're finding existing, older homes in long-established neighborhoods are an incredibly valuable resource, now more than ever. A carefully planned and executed ‘reimagining' of an existing detached home can often be created more affordable and more quickly than brand new ground-up construction.

If you've been coming up empty on your Boulder home search, additions and renovations may allow you to realize the dream of living here in a custom home tuned to your lifestyle. We have been fortunate to work with several local clients recently who have elected to upgrade an existing home through extensive additions and renovations.

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