About this business

We are a family law office, offering 100% online services during the COVID-19 Crisis. We recognize that this crisis brings unique legal and emotional challenges to families. We cover a wide range of family law issues, and we are changing the way people divorce. Divorce changes your life, but it doesn't have to destroy it. Yes, divorce can be a gut-wrenching, emotionally driven, financially onerous event, but you don't need to burn up your estate. Protect the hearts and minds of those you love -- your family, your children, and yourself.

We are currently offering 100% online divorce mediation, post-divorce mediation, and representation services in divorce and family law. We have capacity to support you and your family through the COVID-19 crisis in navigating both the legal and logistical terrain. We can also support those of you who are struggling in quarantine and would like to either strengthen your relationship, or are wanting to come up with interim plans before exploring separation or divorce.


3775 Iris Ave #4

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