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Debra Kuresman, Certified Advanced Rolfer, has been offering her clients Rolfing Structural Integration and complementary modalities for over 40 years.

Debra trained under Ida Rolf's first wave of instructors at the Rolf Institute and was a part-time instructor for many years. Over the next twenty years she honed her skills in medical practices, working primarily on sports and car accident injuries.

Hundreds of clients in the Boulder/Denver metro area have benefited from her skills. She brings her experience, her love of the work, and her ongoing quest for knowledge to the Rolfing table, working to

- Eliminate or reduce pain
- Improve flexibility, posture, and balance
- Restore freedom of body and spirit

Rolfing SI has been her primary modality to which Debra has added:

- Visceral (organ) manipulation
- Rolf Movement education
- Cranial-sacral therapy

These modalities enhance the Rolfing goals of realigning and decompressing the body to improve functioning and wellbeing. Debra gently works in the fascia, a type of connective tissue that envelops all of our muscles and bones. By adding slow directional pressure, the compressed fascia is able to release and lengthen. She is literally sculpting the body back toward where it more ideally should be! She also educates clients about their own movement patterns to enable them to maintain the many benefits of Rolfing SI on their own.

Optimal results are achieved when Debra conducts an initial series of treatments to systematically re-align the entire body…however clients at times prefer a few “fix-it” sessions to address specific issues. Rolf Movement sessions may be recommended to address specific movement patterns.

Widely respected in her field for her skills and experience, Debra has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado.

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