About this business

We're a team of designers and engineers with years of experience in creating digital products for both startups and global brands. Our design process is always deeply collaborative between the agency and the client, creating ownership, trust and value at every stage of a project.

Each project taken by Emerson Stone is led by one of the agency partners. This allows the partner to focus on a client's project and develop the kind of understanding normally only available by an in-house design team. We use this understanding to create consistent designs that help drive business goals now and in the future.

As an agency, we are invested in the continued success of our clients. Since 2014, over ninety percent of our clients have come back for additional projects and we still have clients that have been with the agency since the first month. We believe that design is most successful when it is consistent and permanent—more than just launching a single design into the world, we work to support, iterate, and develop valuable products for a client over time. In many ways, we act as the in-house team for many of our clients.



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