About this business

Chelsea Marie has always had a love and passion towards an active lifestyle. Since she was a little girl she was an avid runner and a sports girl that ranged from basketball, track, soccer, cross-country and has continued to keep active with weight training, calisthenics, yoga, rock climbing, running, hiking, fitness competitions, and a variety more as well as teaching fitness classes and personal training.  Having a sincere love to help people with weight loss, live in a healthy body that they are proud of, and achieve their health goals Chelsea has founded Find Yourself Healthy in order to help change peoples lives for the better.  Find Yourself Healthy is to give people the knowledge on fitness, nutrition, and health in order to help them change themselves for the better, to feel great, be proud of themselves, and live a long healthy life. For anybody with the proper mindset, knowledge, nutrition, training, and lifestyle it is possible to Find Yourself Healthy..


5485 Conestoga ct. Boulder CO

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