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GingerSugar is a professional organization business specializing in assisting Seniors and their families in downsizing and relocating to assisted or independent living facilities.

GingerSugar helps people organize and reclaim space to be functional and practical, while saving memories without the clutter. We'll help sort, organize, and rearrange as needed. If necessary we can assist you with selling, donating or discarding your excess belongings. We can help with one closet or the whole home. Just a warning, it can be addictive! Once you feel the burden lifted by de-cluttering one area, you may want to do the whole place.

We don't “make” anyone give away belongings. We work together, following your lead, patiently and efficiently. It's amazing what can be accomplished in a few hours with expert guidance.

Downsizing and moving can be a stressful process. By coordinating from beginning to end, GingerSugar ensures a stress free experience.

De-cluttering and downsizing services
1. De-clutter and rearrange spaces to help promote a simpler and safer living environment.
2. Organize and group like items together so you can clearly see what you own.
3. Sort through your belongings with your help and eliminate what you can no longer use, want or need.
4. Neatly arrange the items you want and are keeping in an accessible manner.
5. Coordinate and oversee the dispersal of your unwanted items.
I respect my clients and provide you with integrity and objectivity. If I am not able to fulfill a request, I will recommend the services of other qualified professionals. All client information is kept confidential.

Karen Barela


2907 55th St, Boulder, CO

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  • August 12, 2022 6:00 pm local time

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