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Meet the Doctor:

Hi! I'm Dr. Brian S. Ruggiero and I am excited to have started a new chapter of my life here in Boulder, Colorado in July of 2017! The people, mountains, energy, and food of Boulder have been calling me to move out to this area and start another business for years. I'm thrilled that I finally made it!

I am a Boston native, and since 2005, I have run a successful practice, “Ruggiero Family Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center,” in Manchester, Connecticut. I have learned skills in a variety of techniques that provide effective pain relief with specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments, muscular/soft tissue therapy, as well as rehabilitative stretches and exercises. Patients learn, with my guidance, how to strengthen the surrounding musculature to maintain the benefits of chiropractic treatment outside of the office. In addition to being a licensed chiropractor, I am also a nationally certified acupuncturist, hypnotherapist, and shamanic/energy healing practitioner.


1660 30th St, Boulder, CO 80301

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