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We believe in the power of heart-centered and body based healing. Our mission is to support people in connection with their bodies and souls, helping uncover and access their strengths in order to create more joyful relationships with the world.

Noah and Rachael provide comprehensive care to their patients through leveraging the potent energetics of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and the power of relationship and connection.

Acupuncture - is integrative medicine, rooted in spirit, yet grounded in science. It helps awaken the body's innate healing mechanism to encourage health and vitality. Perhaps its biggest strength, is in addressing both symptoms and the underlying imbalances causing the symptoms to enable a complete return to health. Acupuncture addresses the body, emotions, mind, and spirit - it brings harmony and health in a gentle yet effective way.

Somatic Psychotherapy - supports individuals and communities in coming into closer contact with our humanness - tolerating discomfort, building resilience, integrating the lost, stolen, or fragmented parts so that we can honor and own our wholeness, inner wisdom, and innate health. REMEMBERING and reclaiming the lost or fragmented or discombobulated parts keeping us from feeling and loving our whole beautiful self.

Embodied Parenting - As devoted parents Noah & Rachael have an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of parenting and the challenges couples face as they transition into parenthood. They've seen negative patterns arise firsthand and worked through them using the tools and skills they developed through training in medicine and psychology. One of the core concepts they work with is EMBODIMENT - a connection with and awareness of the inner body-based, or somatic, experience of emotions and thoughts. To them, this includes promoting healthy attachment through attunement, awareness of self and other, and skills in self-regulation and nervous system modulation.


1076 Grant Pl. Boulder, CO 80302

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