About this business

I developed The Clearday Healing Method because I found it to be the best and fastest way to achieve healing, and get you significant results and breakthroughs fast. It's a proven, effective, streamlined process that is safe, gentle, fun, and fascinating. The Clearday Healing Method is a unique combination of Reiki energy healing therapy, counseling and intuitive guidance in a fluid process designed to yield powerful results, benefits, and breakthroughs in about 3-5 weeks.

I do this by identifying and targeting about 20 of your unique negative thought, feeling, and behavior patterns (your trouble areas, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). Usually, I can develop your list during the first session (if we have enough time). We use that same list for each subsequent session and track your progress from week to week.

You will see the Specific Measurable Results that are documented in your session notes. You will literally feel your progress and your life begin to change right away. You will experience major results in as little as one to five sessions. Each session is unique and customized for your needs at that moment and depends upon how much time we have. Our work together is a journey and I am your guide to a better life.

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