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When I was in high school I learned about a way that I could feel that sense of giving back that I also happened to be quite good at:  helping out with the special needs program at my High School.  Knowing that I was helping those students in the special needs program feel a sense of acceptance and inclusion made me feel amazing.  My passion for working with this population kept growing the longer I did it and I continued to pursue volunteer opportunities after High School which later led to getting a full-time job in the field with a non-profit in my hometown of Boulder, CO called “Imagine!".

Outside of my passion for working with individuals with disabilities, I also have always had a passion for sports and fitness. That love for exercise and playing sports led me to realize that I would love to work in the field of Sports and Fitness as a full-time career.  In April 2015 I officially got my ACE Personal Trainer certification.

While working full-time at Imagine! and part-time as a personal trainer, it clicked one day that I could potentially combine the two jobs and become a personal trainer who specializes in clients with disabilities.  That led me to getting the ACSM/NCHPAD Inclusive Fitness Trainer certification which officially certified me to work with clients with disabilities.  After that, I took a class and an exam to get certified as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).  Becoming an RBT gave me the knowledge to work with clients that may have behavioral difficulties such as refusal, elopement, or aggression. Finally, I started reaching out to people all over the fields of fitness as well as special education to grow my network and clientele.

I hope that someday my business can grow from being local, to being statewide, to even being nationwide and that no one with a disability is ever left thinking that they're less than equal to everyone else.

—James Anderson

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