About this business

I believe in goodnight kisses and holding hands as you fall asleep


My wife and I have been married for 9 years and share our house with four furry children, a foster kiddo or two, and our son, Easton


I'm often quiet, but I could talk about The Bachelorette for hours


I believe that exploring is more important than getting to your destination


When I'm home alone I make pancakes for dinner


I believe that converse shoes are everyday wear: comfort and style


I appreciate the beauty of light, shadow, and subtle emotion in fine art nudes


I am a huge gymnastics fan and I have the DVD collection to prove it


I think that cinnamon rolls can be eaten any time of day


I believe the perfect day is an afternoon in the mountains & a night cuddling at home


I believe that the quietest people often have the greatest inner strength


I re-read my favorite books because a good story never gets old


I believe in planning your dreams

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