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As your representative in one of the most important purchases of your life, a Real Estate agent needs to be responsive and on top of the market's conditions, but most importantly they need to listen closely and gain a complete understanding of your requirements. As a salesperson for my entire 19 year professional career, I am highly trained to provide you exceptional service and ask the questions that fully distinguish your buying/selling criteria.

Needs analysis and market assessment are key aspects of the work required to be a great agent. As a licensed broker, I take my job seriously and strive to understand all the factors that weigh in your decision process. When we locate a property that meets your needs or locate a buyer that has the financial disposition to purchase your property I bring solid negotiating skills honed through numerous financial transactions with investors, venture capitalists and individuals to ensure we reach the price point you are seeking to achieve.

Real Estate comes naturally for me. My four siblings, my father, my grandfather, several uncles, great uncles, in-laws and numerous cousins are licensed Realtors® and our family has practiced Real Estate continually for four generations. Contact me today to see the tenacity and diligence these many peers cultivates in your next agent.

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