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In modern times, most of us live a somewhat sedentary lifestyle motivated by what can be achieved and accomplished. Our modern lifestyle adversely affects the biomechanics of the body which creates stress to the nervous system and impairs brain function. This lifestyle has an impact on our emotional, physical, and mental health.

The Kaiut method is a biomechanical yoga practice designed by Francisco Kaiut to serve the modern body and modern mind. This format is intended to increase freedom of movement. Francisco Kaiut's method is deeply influenced by his professional practice as a chiropractor and his education in craniosacral and polarity therapies, deep tissue massage, and hatha yoga.

The Kaiut Method works from the joints to maintain and return the body to an optimal structure and function allowing the internal systems to function as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible. By focusing on the joints as opposed to stretching the muscles, practitioners can work with the cause behind the symptom.

The Kaiut Method works with the body in the way that the body was designed by nature to move. This is an inclusive method, using simple shapes to create a format of yoga accessible to all practitioners regardless of flexibility, strength, age, or experience. The method aims to deliver consistent long-term healing results as opposed to creating aesthetic shapes. It has been designed to work through chronic pain & injuries, general aches & stiffness, and work for the inflexible, hyper flexible and the aging body.

Classes at Kaiut Yoga Boulder allow practitioners to access their personal potential and reminds us how good we are designed to feel. This practice is a tool that builds freedom in the body and mind, extends life and establishes a more relaxed, balanced approach to everyday life.

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