About this business
I'm passionate about the design world; from how a user experiences their environment, whether on a screen or in the the physical environment. For over the past eight years I've worked as a user experience & information designer at Ricoh and Markit here in Boulder, Colorado. I've gained expertise in how to navigate users through complex and data rich sites & software. Through a more in-depth understanding of the information and workflow, I'm able to provide an effortless and meaningful experience.
My skills and knowledge carry over into my projects from start to finish. Communicating a client's goals and ideas and finding a purposeful solution for the project. I give attention to the details while always adhering to the whole of the project.
I have a Masters of Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon, and while working in the field I've earned my certification with NCIDQ & LEED Accreditation. As a UX designer I've gained certification in graphics, web and technologies with the ability to code in HTML, CSS and javascript. I continue to learn and educate myself to stay knowledgeable in whatever projects I'm working on.
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