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The human body is a powerful entity and life's events can take a toll on it. I believe bringing awareness to the physical body and its system is essential to its function.


In 2007 I made the decision to drop everything I knew and move out to Colorado to attend massage school. After a year of intense learning and over 1000 hours of training, my career as a body worker began, and little did I know what I was in for. My passion for treatment work began to quickly develop as opportunities became available. During the first 10 years of my career, I spent time getting my hands on people, and learning about the human body and how it functions. I worked continuously with a mentor who helped me develop deeper listening skills, and techniques that have truly helped shape the body worker I am today. Injury patterns occur and compensation patterns develop, and we are all unique in how we manage them. Sometimes it's years of patterning layering in, and other times it's a moments mistake, but in any case, I was feeling this in the body's system. In May of 2017 I completed my studies in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, which has brought a deeper layer to my bodywork. Through my own personal experience I was able to learn and feel connections that allowed for a deeper understanding of the human condition and the karma of the soul within.


In 2018 I experienced a series of traumatic events that deepened this connection. I became very curious about the autonomic nervous system and how trauma affects our body both physically and emotionally. I took this opportunity to dive into specific trainings working with trauma somatically and how to process it through our body. In late 2019 I completed a Polarity Life Coach certification, and continue to be curious about whats next.

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