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My husband and I have worked with Karen Marx & Marx Interiors on three large residential projects beginning in 1986, and continuing to the present. We have done a major house remodel; planned the building of a new home; and have completely furnished a third new home, all with Karen.

On all of these projects, I have nothing but positive things to say about Karen Marx. She is creative, focused, communicative, honest, and organized. I could go on and on with adjectives describing the positive aspects of working with her, but the main, and I feel, most important positive aspect of working with Karen, is her ability to listen and to create what the client wants. My husband and I actually have very different taste than Karen's personal preferences. However, on every project, she has been able to manifest our dreams, our desires, and to help us to create our home. She is always willing to put the work in and to spend the hours helping us to figure out what exactly we want. She has been nothing but positive and committed during all the years that we have worked with her.

I highly recommend Karen Marx for any interior design, decorating, planning, or organizing project. She is a total joy to work with, and that is difficult to find in this day!"


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