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Boulder, Colorado-based photographers and co-owners of 'How's Your Headshot?,' Merrick Chase and Kyle Hodge, have over 45 years combined experience looking out on the world from behind the lens. They use the camera to tell honest stories of their subjects through establishing a rapport that often enables them to bring less seldom seen parts to the surface before their lens. Their very high level of attention to detail with the images they create ensures that people not only look their best, but that not a single hair is out of place. Kyle is the studio manager and lead photographer at Merrick Chase Photography. He is also the CEO and along with Merrick, co-owner of their popular Front Range headshot-only brand HYH?.

The two have shot in many different environments all over the world. From the capitals of Europe to the bazaars of Cairo and tiny villages in the Indian Himalayas; corporate boardrooms and exclusive mountain resort ballrooms to festival stages and backstage dressing rooms. Both Merrick and Kyle enjoy photographing people most of all, and particularly those who inspire them in one way or another. ??They have shot for a wide array of corporate and commercial clients as well as for newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs; covered professional sporting events, fashion shows, film and music festivals, and most things in between.

Kyle handles all of the day to day business for Merrick Chase Photography and How's Your Headshot, and you can expect to work with him when you contact the studio. Merrick is currently working on a multi-year global photo project that shares the many faces of our humanity, and illustrates the sameness that exists within us, in spite of our vast differences. You can view his project here: The Humans Being Project.

Merrick Chase Photography Studio focuses on creating the most impactful images possible for clients in business of all kinds, whether portrait, office culture, or architectural in nature.

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