About this business

Most people are not fully comfortable being human beings. Most of our body experience is limited to seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Many of us are restless because we feel the gap between what is and what could be, always wanting more, yet aching for acceptance and peace. Some of us are out of our bodies because of trauma or energetic overwhelm and wish to learn to experience life in more grounded and graceful ways. Others like to push against limits taking their bodies and consciousness as far as they can.

I have experienced all of these feelings. My personal journey has taken me from relationships to natural childbirth, from Black Belt to Reiki Master. Along the way I have come to accept my humanity; my power, my softness, and my spiritual gifts. If you have come to recognize that it is now time to open up to new experiences and a more holistic point of view, I work with people whose desire is to fully be here on the planet experiencing the calm, quiet, still, powerful, joy of living in a body.

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