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Our philosophy at Colours is our paramount commitment to continuing education.You might have noticed that we have tiered pricing; one substantial aspect of our stylists moving through the tiers is advanced education. Our definition of “advanced education” is a 2-5 day classroom/styling floor experience in an advanced academy. No, trade shows, junkets and look & learns do not count. – we mean advanced EDUCATION.

At Colours three of us are “American Board Certified Haircolorists” (for more information, visit www.haircolorist.com). We know that to be truly competent, capable and creative in haircoloring, a stylist needs much more than what we get out of school or some manufacturers' classroom. Certification requires a 3-6 month home study program culminating in a day long test held at various locations around the country. This not an easy test and only about 50% of the candidates actually pass.

So, you can see, at Colours advanced education means a lot to us and to you. It insures that your visit will involve stylists really looking at you with a trained eye in line with your ideas to create the look you've always wanted.



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