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San Juan Pools of Colorado is an independent dealer from San Juan Products, the manufacturer. Dan Hersman, President of San Juan Pools of Colorado, having worked in different facets of the fiberglass industry for many years, investigated a number of fiberglass pool manufacturers, before deciding to sell San Juan Products. He believes they are simply the best made fiberglass pools. San Juan Products uses five hand-laid layers of fiberglass in their pools, and high high-stress areas can have as many as ten layers of fiberglass and resin. San Juan does not use any fillers in their pools, as this would inhibit the flexural strength of the fiberglass. Pure vinyl ester resin is used throughout the entire lamination structure, not just a skin coat. NPG-Isophthalic resin is applied approximately 32-mils thick during two applications. San Juan pools are quality pools, made to last.

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