About this business

Set against a backdrop of majestic canyon walls just south of Boulder, Colorado, ShambhavAnanda Yoga™ Eldorado is a lively ashram and family yoga center. The vibrant and enthusiastic yogis who live and work here welcome you and invite you to explore the diverse offerings and profound abundance of the ShambhavAnanda Yoga tradition.

Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram is an oasis of spiritual energy where you can deeply nourish your body, mind, and spirit. The ashram and school were created from the vision and commitment of its founder, Sri Shambhavananda, a big-hearted yogi, dedicated to nurturing the seeds of spiritual growth in all who come.

ShambhavAnanda Yoga is yoga from the heart. Our philosophy is that the practices of our tradition apply to every aspect of our daily life. Life's circumstances are fuel for our spiritual growth. The goal of ShambhavAnanda Yoga is to be fully engaged in life while simultaneously experiencing the nectar of divinity within.



2875 County Road 67 Boulder, CO

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