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Skycastle Construction (Est. 2001) is a green design/build company based in Boulder, Colorado. Known for design excellence, quality construction, friendly, responsive service, and business integrity, our customers experience an unmatched expertise in sustainable design! Our work is primarily in Boulder County and is focused on creating extraordinary custom green homes.

Skycastle has unequaled expertise in building green custom homes in Boulder.  We understand all the rules and have strong, positive relationships with Building Department officials, and using many of the same consultants and engineers for over a decade has allowed us to develop a team with thorough experience in meeting local conditions and codes. Skycastle treats its subcontractors and vendors fairly and has an excellent reputation in the building community, which means that you get great prices and the best quality work from your entire construction team. Lastly, we have developed a process for working with our clients (many of whom are not local during the design and construction process) that makes the sometimes daunting and uncertain process of building a custom project as predictable, safe, transparent and enjoyable as possible.

As you review our diverse portfolio, we hope you will recognize the consistent traits of beauty, simplicity, creativity, harmony, and integrity that we use to guide every project. We look forward to helping you design and build your dreams!


1245 Pearl St. Suite 202, Boulder, CO

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