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Bespoke Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

“I help the active woman navigate pregnancy and postpartum so she can safely get back to her active lifestyle and feel like herself again.”
Verity Physical Therapy & Wellness offers completely individualized treatment for all patients. I, Carolyn Yates, DPT, owner and head physical therapist, fully believe that every woman deserves to understand her body better as she navigates through pregnancy and postpartum. I help educate and instruct women in how to proactively rehabilitate and recover her body postpartum so she can live the happy, healthy, and active life she thrives on.
Each treatment session lasts up to an hour long and is completely one-on-one. I do not utilize any aids, and your time will not be interrupted by other patients being seen simultaneously.


2300 Canyon Blvd Suite 5, Boulder, CO 80302

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