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Hi, I'm Bridget. I have always been an active person, but was no doubt effected by the cultural normalcy of a sedentary lifestyle . I played various sports as a child and throughout my teenage years. I started CrossFit when I was 19 and fell in love with it. The next 6 years, my life revolved around my diet and fitness routine. Around 2014, I seemed to have maxed out my capacity for improvement - I was over-training and under-performing. I was stressed out. My body hurt. I become too sore and stiff to do the functional things CrossFit claimed to prepare me for.

As a yoga teacher, I felt insecure and incompetent as it related to how others should be positioning and moving their bodies. If I was going to be teaching and coaching people, I didn't want to just tell them to do things a certain way because that's what tradition dictates. I wanted real science to inform my teaching and coaching.


1310 Alpine Ave. Boulder, CO

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