About this business

In the beginning.

It started in Longmont, Colorado in 1980, when Walter (Wally) and BJ Vieregg teamed up with Ron and Gail Hogsett.  All four had dreamed of bringing luxury jewelry to Boulder County, and each of them had travelled a different path to that dream and that moment.

Ron Hogsett got his start mowing the lawn of a man named John Snyder, who owned a jewelry store in downtown Longmont. Snyder offered Ron the chance to work in his store, and quickly began teaching him the business.

Wally was travelling the country as a jewelry sales rep, when his travels brought him into Snyder's store. There he met Ron, and the two of them instantly hit it off.

They had the jewelry business in common and the timing was right.

Wally was ready settle down in one place. Ron was ready for a challenge. And both were entrepreneurs at heart. They decided to pool their knowledge and resources and start a jewelry store of their own, and so the Walters & Hogsett dream was born.

But it took more than a dream to make the business a success. The two men worked furiously. They put in long hours and plenty of hard work. And they didn't do it alone.

Gail, Ron's wife at the time, turned out to be an integral player in the success of Walters & Hogsett. Her creative flair was perfect for jewelry drawer design and window creation.  And Wally's wife BJ's had a talent for mathematics and bookkeeping.  The Walters & Hogsett dream team was complete.

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