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The Wise Womb Way is the spiral path of life that honors the Womb, the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother, Shakti, Life Force Energy... It reminds you how to attune to your true nature. It acknowledges that you are your own guru and supports the reclamation of your personal authority. It holds within it the philosophy that you are 100% responsible for your experiences of the world. (refer to Ho'oponopono article, for more information on personal responsibility)

This path honors the sovereignty of all. It remembers that YOU are an integral part of creation, which means that everything else is too. It reminds you how to listen to the heart within, to who you truly are and why you are here. It teaches you a way of listening and relating to yourself and others that brings profound healing and a depth of capacity to be in your own experience and to hold others in theirs.

It teaches you how to attune to your intuition, often overridden by society and the patriarchal ways. It changes the approach that tries to fix and insert agenda and assumptions to one of honor, presence and listening. It is inclusive rather than exclusive. It holds within it the Full Embrace.

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