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I am Yuki Tsuji, a licensed Thai Massage therapist / teacher and yoga instructor. I also have a background in acrobatics and am one of the leading AcroYoga teachers globally.

I have been a teacher and a coach in many different disciplines for the last 15 years, including yoga, Thai massage, AcroYoga, handstand / acrobatics, skydiving and body flight. In addition to my therapeutic practice, I instruct Thai massage, yoga and AcroYoga and offer workshops and private coaching both locally and across the United States.

My path to Thai Massage was through my AcroYoga practice in 2008. Prior to that, massage had not been a regular part of my self-care routine and I had no idea of how beneficial it would be to me, or how much I could enjoy giving and receiving Thai Massage. My focus used to be on participating in the activities and pushing my body to the limit, not considering the recovery and self-care. In the end, I ended up with some injuries that are results of neglecting my body's warnings. After receiving some Thai massage sessions, I knew that I wanted this healing modality to be an essential part of my life to heal myself, and also a way to help other athletes and active people feel better in their body.

Through receiving Thai Massage I not only relieved pain and tightness but also started to feel more balanced in myself and, through giving Thai Massage, I feel a great sense of calm and of being grounded, while also feeling more open physically. I found myself enjoying being more nurturing through giving and I felt ready to explore the softer side of myself.

Thai Massage gives me even deeper connection with people, it involves my movements and breaths synchronizing with theirs, mutually creating a flow and rhythm that we call the “Thai Massage dance”. It brings me a great sense of freedom as well as empathy. I am happy to be able to share the enormous benefits I have experienced with others and to witness the positive effects on my clients.

Outside of Thai Massage and Yoga, since growing up in Japan, being active has always been a huge part of my life. Yoga practice became a major part of my life later, when I moved to the United States for college. I used to be a certified skydiving instructor and have competed in skydiving at both the Collegiate Nationals and Nationals. Since moving to Boulder, Colorado, the mountains have become a major part of my life and climbing, backcountry skiing and trail running have become my major passions outside of my yoga and massage work.


577 76th St Boulder, CO

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