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Long-Term Food Storage Online Meeting

June 24 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Is it self-sufficiency, sustainability, or emergency preparedness? This is the first in a series of meetings that will discuss topics on the practicalities of a lifestyle without our customary conveniences. ONLINE VIA ZOOM!

LONG TERM FOOD STORAGE is the first topic that will be hosted by TimeBank Boulder’s Primary Coordinator, Howard Lambert. Howard will lead the discussion sharing what he knows. We will share where we are in this, what we know about it, and how we can help each other.

Here are some things we can talk about:

Why are we doing this now?
What kinds of food are best to store?
Store unopened till an emergency – maybe one to five years away – or use a rotating pantry?
How are bulk foods stored?
What are the good sources of food to store?

Future meetings will include these topics:
1) General Emergency Preparedness: types and preps
2) Grid Disruptions: Water, Electric, Gas, Garbage, Health Care
3) Financial Disruptions: What might happen, how can you prepare
4) Methods of Food Preservation: Canning, Dehydration, Freezing
5) Grow/Raise/Forage Your Own Food: For condos, apartment, city dwellers
6) Waste Not, Want Not: Share your best tips for reuse, repurpose, recycle