Let Us Help You Reach More Boulder Residents … For Less

"Nothing made more of an impact on actual ticket sales than Your Boulder."
Andrew Hyde
TEDx Boulder

Your Boulder is a daily source of sharable digital content that covers WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO, and WHO TO KNOW in Boulder, Colorado, via an interactive website, e-newsletter, and online social engagement.

We are the voice of Boulder … the companies, people, sports teams, and cultural organizations driving the growth in Boulder. Telling the story of people, creativity and commerce across the landscape of the city.

Why Work With Us?

Your Boulder does more for local businesses than anyone else. Our singleness of purpose is to drive engagement, traffic, awareness, and conversation to the hardworking people of our great city.

There is no better way to grow a local business than to advertise through local, digital publications.

We are dedicated to giving you accurate metrics on your marketing efforts, which is why we use the 4 top marketing channels to drive the most results for you.

Native Content

Why bother with useless banner ads, expensive magazine ads, and ineffective direct mail when you could channel your marketing efforts to where the people are looking? Everyone is looking at their phones. Everyone gets their information through digital content, videos, notifications, and texts. The best way to spread the word about your projects is to be where the attention is. Your Boulder will get you in front of the eyes and ears of the people of Boulder.

Email Marketing

Who says email is dead? People check their email more than ever. In fact, email continues to be the highest converting marketing channel there is. The Your Boulder newsletter has a dedicated audience. We only share important information because we know people value our content. Getting featured in a Your Boulder newsletter is a big deal. The best part is, it’s extremely affordable and more effective than print.

Our email list is growing at a rapid rate. With 100 new email signups each month, it’s clear that people want to know what we have to say.

Social Media Marketing

Your Boulder has an extremely active social media presence.

  • 23,000 + Facebook followers
  • 5000 + Twitter followers
  • 10,000 + Monthly unique page views
  • A growing Instagram following
  • Great targeting in our promotional ads

Do you have a weekly special? Do you have a happy hour or an event you want to promote? The best way to get new people to your event is to make announcements through the Your Boulder social media following. Our users are always on the lookout for new and fun activities they can attend.

Just look at the great results we were able to get with a small $20 advertising budget. Just imagine what we can do with a comprehensive marketing effort. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on local magazine ads when we can get real people coming to your business for a fraction of the price?

"Working and advertising with Your Boulder has been, and continues to be, an absolute pleasure. We saw an immediate return on our investment, and would highly recommend working with Your Boulder."
Tobias M. Krause
Events Manager with Two Parts

For the last seven years, Your Boulder has selflessly delivered high impact information to the residents of this great city.

We work hard and play hard in Boulder — and that lifestyle is reflected in the content we deliver weekly.

While we’ve helped local businesses get the word out on a selective basis, we’re now offering our sponsorship and advertising services to the entire Boulder business community. Let us help you connect with the good people of this amazing, affluent town.

You’ll also find that we can give you more reach, higher ROI, and better trackable results than the print options you may be considering. It’s time to upgrade your advertising spend by getting more from your investment.

To get started, simply contact us for personal service.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals!

First, here’s an overview of how we can help you achieve your local business goals:

What are Some of the Growth Options Available?

General Sponsorship:

The absolute best most consistent way to stay in front of the Your Boulder audience. You’ll have a mention and link at the top of each piece of weekly content, a monthly standalone post on the site, and special social media distribution and mentions.

Sponsored Reviews:

Let us tell the story of your business with a sponsored review on Your Boulder. You receive immediate exposure to our audience of Boulder locals, significant local social media distribution, and an enduring search engine presence.

Sponsored Promotions:

Got a deal that Boulderites need to know about now? Our sponsored promotions get the word out fast, and provide an exceptional return on investment.

Event Promotion:

If you’ve got an event that locals need to hear about, look no further. We can let Boulder residents know what you’ve got going on, and help you to make your event a highly-attended success.

"While the Your Boulder review of our restaurant was a great way to let the local foodies know their favorite new taco joint had arrived in Boulder, the real impact on our business came when Your Boulder promoted a series of events at T/aco that introduced us to a number of new faces and connectors in our community, an audience we could not wait to meet. Today we have a flourishing local restaurant celebrating four years of serving one of the greatest communities known to man." Get to know the great people at Your Boulder so that all of Boulder can start getting to know you.
Peter Waters
Owner of T/aco

Custom Advertising Options

Want to get creative and come up with a unique campaign in conjunction with Your Boulder outside of the options above? We love to find new ways to help businesses connect with Boulder and surrounding communities. Contact us here if you would like to set up a meeting to explore other options or find out about new options we’re working on.