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Featuring other people’s writing, ideas, art and events is a big part of what we do and it is important that we continue to do that.

Our authorship program involves a group of like-minded and creative individuals who want to bring awareness, value, and community to the beautiful city of Boulder.

If you want to become an official author of Your Boulder, we would love to feature your writing.

What Are The Guidelines?

You may come up with your own ideas, however, your article MUST:

  • Provide value
  • Provide recent news
  • Be thought-provoking
  • Tell a captivating story
  • Be easy to read

If this is not the case, Your Boulder reserves the right not to publish work that does not fit our guidelines.

  • Articles must be AT THE VERY LEAST 800 words.
  • This is not a paid position
  • We do allow mild profanity and moderately graphic content. However, Your Boulder reserves the right to send an article back or not publish it if we feel it is not in line with our community tone or is overly self-promoting.

If your goal is to write a featured piece on your business or event, this is most likely an advertising option. You can submit your business into our directory here and learn more about our advertising options here. We will feature this on our social media sites as well.

Am I Allowed to Mention My Own Company or Blog?

It is preferred that you use the author bio of your profile to mention any personal ambitions you are working on. With that being said, you can link back to your own sites if the link is providing context to the information within the article. However, we reserve the right to remove any SEO link juice by converting it into a “no follow” link.

Be tasteful. Add value and don’t try to pull one over on me and everything will be all good!

What Should I Write About?

You are allowed to write about whatever you want. However, the best way to verify that your topic will be published is to either ask me directly through email or pull a topic from the weekly email I will send out to verified Your Boulder authors. These emails will contain great topics that are approved ahead of time.

When Can I Start?!!


Email tim@yourboulder.com or fill out the contact form below to get started.