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"Working and advertising with YourBoulder has been and continues to be, an absolute pleasure. We saw an immediate return on our investment, and would highly recommend working with YourBoulder."
Tobias M. Krause
Events Manager with Two Parts
"Nothing made more of an impact on actual ticket sales than Your Boulder."
Andrew Hyde
TEDx Boulder

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Plans starting at $49

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Schedule a 30 minute appointment with the Calendly link, and a helpful representative will walk you through the simple process.  

We have different plans and options for you to chose from.

Typically, a newsletter ad is a one time payment of $49. There are other options to advertise monthly on the website for even more impression, click and conversion.

To learn about those rates, please schedule an appointment.

There are two different options. You can either provide us with a graphic and a snippet of text, or we can make one for you for a one time fee.

We allow both options and are happy to work with you in whatever capacity necessary. 

No. All sales are final. 

Our audience is grown organically, meaning we generate content on our website and interested people find our website through Google searches and social media.

Subsequently, our email list is made up entirely of people who live in Boulder or in one of the surrounding counties.

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Plans starting at $49