About this business

We believe that most of our clients, you, have your hands full running your own business enterprise. We'd like to focus on keeping things SIMPLE for you.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SME aka Service Providers) plan and execute the most efficient solutions and handle all the behind-the-scenes work and techno mumbo jumbo. We communicate simply so you don't have to deal with techno babble ??

We bring in solution architects for most of our projects in the beginning so we can figure out the most efficient route to execute most projects. We believe in workflow efficiency and that results in time and monetary savings for you, our client.

Our vast network of service providers around the globe give you flexibility in terms of meeting budgetary constraints. We have solutions to fit almost every budget!

If you've ever worked with freelancers from oDesk, Guru, eLance or now Upwork, be assured this is NOT our business model.

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