About this business

At Black Sock Productions, every client is a unique and shining star in his or her own right. You have a story worth telling, and Jonathan Martin wants to be the guy who films it.

Jonathan is more than a director; he's more than a cinematographer—he's a storyteller. What started out as a college kid making videos as a fun way to pass the time quickly turned into a full-time gig for this entrepreneur. A visionary in his field, his ambition has awarded him the opportunity to direct music videos, weddings, documentaries, and short films. Hungry for the chance to indulge his creativity, he's worked on both sides of the spectrum—filming for artists to a number of Fortune 500 corporate clients.

Jonathan founded Black Sock Productions in 2012. While some might find the title cute or funny, the inspiration behind the name was straightforward—Jonathan only wears black socks. To him, it's simple. In a world full of white socks, the black ones stand out. He wanted his company to exemplify the same concept.

There is a story that has never been told. Perhaps it is yours. Jonathan wants to tell that story. He lives by the motto: Life is a movie. Film it like one. Like a kid who got older but never really grew up, he still has all the wonder and creative imagination of a child. His aim is to make every video better than his last, delivering a piece worthy of the spotlight. Will yours be next?

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