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Blue Mesa Media is a full service video production company, located in Boulder, Colorado.

My wife Janet and I started Blue Mesa Productions, Inc. in 1998.  We were going to specialize in corporate training.  We were braced for a long hard start up, you know 16 hour days and very little money.  We turned a profit the first year and it just seemed that one project lead to another.

I never had any vision to build this into a large company with lots of employees, I really wanted to craft the stories and be hands on.  I wanted to have a real relationship with my clients and be able to deliver more than what was expected.

We relocated to Boulder, Colorado in 2003. By now so many exciting developments were happening, the internet was making connections to a new way of working.  That lead us to the whole virtual company idea.  No bricks and mortar, just digital connections to a wide variety of talent, locally and around the globe.

Our business has grown over the years.  So has our connections with a whole host of great people, DoP's, writers, agencies, audio engineers, voice talent, animators,  web-designers and on.  What it has evolved into I would have never dreamed possible 16 years ago.  No project is too big or small.  We just match up the talents we need with our clients requirements to create great video.  We can scale  the production values up or down as required by the job.

The connections have also grown geographically.  We now do business with Agencies in New York, Phoenix, St. Louis, Denver and have clients scattered all over the country.
Our work today encompasses, documentaries, corporate education, product training, television commercials, and product promotionals. We distribute our programs across a variety of platforms.
Business has never been better for us as we move into our 17th year.  The coming year is as exciting as our first.

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