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Well… our expertise helps guide you every step of the way. We have over 25 years of experience under our belt (we've worked with a lot of pain and injuries in that time). And we are always doing continuing education to bring new exercises and treatments to our clients. We tailor every class to fit each person that is in attendance. We can do that because our classes are small (4-6 students). We have monthly focus themes in the studio to enhance the work you do while at Pilates and sometimes those themes support your life outside the studio. We have an extremely supportive community at Core Wisdom. All shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Everyone is accepted here (LGBTQ, all races and religions).

We believe strongly in the 6 guiding principals that founded Joseph Pilates work. Control, Concentration, Centering, Breath, Fluidity and Precision. You will gain a deep understanding of your body, fundamental and efficient movement and the tools to maintain your progress. Our classes are kept small so that integrity and detail are not lost. Mat classes are limited to 6 students. While equipment classes are limited to 4-5 students. Since our classes are small you will get individualized attention and support for your needs during every class you take. Private sessions and duets are completely personalized towards your movement needs and goals.


1800 30th Street Suite 206, Boulder, CO

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