About this business

From its humble beginnings in the founder's front yard, Go Green Flooring has grown into Boulder's most trusted provider of eco-friendly flooring options.

“We believe our most noteworthy accomplishment is being a family-owned business in Boulder County for more than 33 years, along with the fact that we specialize in an array of eco-friendly flooring and countertop products for both residential and commercial use,” says co-founder Brenda Steele.

Jerry Steele broke into the flooring business in 1983 by selling carpet remnants from his yard. Steele has always been guided by environmental principles and in 1984, he opened a 6,000-square foot showroom under the name The Carpet Line. In 2007, the company changed its name to Go Green Flooring to better reflect the many flooring options they offer outside of carpet, as well as their eco-friendly focus.

Much has changed in the flooring industry since 1984. The nineties saw a shifting focus to sustainable building practices with the establishment of the US Green Building Council and the Forest Stewardship Council, which emphasized the need to provide hardwoods for homes without compromising the world's forests. Along with these large-scale changes has come a shift in the consumer mindset: people have become far more wary of the chemicals that some flooring options can bring into their homes, says Brenda Steele.

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