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I have worked with the master therapists of the last 25 years; Dr. Frank Pittman about affairs, Pia Melody and inner child work, Dr. Pat Carnes on Sexual Addiction, Dr. David Synarch couples work and mind mapping, Cloe Mandanes on Sexual abuse in families, and Dr. Terrance Real on men and drepression and on respectful family work.
I completed 25 sitting practice weekends.  I'm a parent, have benefitted from a 12 step program, and have done my own work in therapy.
If it is true that you can only take someone as far as you have come yourself, then I have done my own work, and it's important for you to know that.
?If you're here looking at therapist's sites, you already have a sense that therapy helps, so we come to the question of why me?  I'm realistic, I will hear and see you clearly, I won't waste your time.  Seasoned clinicians perceive problems quickly and know what interventions work from experience.  I've been seeing couples and individuals for almost 30 years, and I enjoy it.  I can teach you better parenting, or better partnering, and how to speak your truth, at work and at home.  I'd like an opportunity to work with you.

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