About this business
I established Hoffmann Associates in 1993 with a commitment to design excellence, attention to detail and friendly personalized service. As principle and sole proprietor, you will get my full involvement throughout the entire process, from the design phase through the construction of your project.I am well versed in a variety of architectural styles and employ open plan concepts with a strong indoor-outdoor relationship. I take care to develop design solutions that are sensitive to the site and take full advantage of the views and landscape features.

I have done extensive research into the current ignition resistant construction techniques and technologies, fire mitigation strategies and fire-wise landscape plans. Having lost my house in the Four Mile Canyon Fire, I have first hand knowledge in the risk that forest fires pose in Colorado. I subsequently rebuilt my house in the foothills and have employed my knowledge to make it risk adverse.

My projects have utilized a number of energy efficient systems, such as; passive solar, photovoltaic systems, wind energy, superinsulation and geothermal ground source heat pumps (including a project in Taos that is totally off-grid). In today's world "green architecture" is a given.

I look forward to working with you on your upcoming project!


4795 Sunshine Canyon Drive, Boulder, CO

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