About this business

The Studio (Boulder) was born out of a response to seclusion.  So many creative career paths end up defaulting to working alone or with small, intimate teams.  But creativity and inspiration can be so much more impactful and frequent within a broader community.

For several years, working together and separately, Jen Lewin and Bill Goodrich carried a shared vision for a workspace that could allow for creative, focused work, but that would also provide the energy and inspiration of a community of other dedicated, passionate people.  After years of working with a small team from her home studio, Jen needed to grow and spread out.  With that impetus, she and Bill partnered to create The Studio (Boulder) as both a new home for Jen Lewin Studio and as a space for a wide range of other creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals.  Since opening the doors to The Studio on January 1, 2014 the space has grown into one of the most vibrant and dynamic professional communities in Boulder.


3550 Frontier Ave. Suite A2 Boulder, CO

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