About this business

We help leaders and teams get their "shift" together so they can most effectively serve clients and meet their goals. We do individual and team coaching, leadership development consulting, org culture change management, strategic planning, and experiential leadership skills workshops.

Imagine what the workplace would be like if it were filled with better leaders. Your best employees would stick around. They'd be more productive. Customer satisfaction would go up. You'd make more money. One person—a better leader—can change an environment. And a better environment can change everything.

People leave poor managers or toxic cultures, not companies. When you're a leader, the responsibility to have a successful team is in your hands. That means you have a choice to build a culture that inspires your team, or one that drains it. A choice to cut the BS rhetoric and do something bold and different.

We have two goals:

(1) We want to make your job—as a leader—more fulfilling, to help you show up at work every day in a way that gets you the respect you deserve, the business results you commit to, and the career trajectory you want.

(2) We also want to help make your team, department, business unit, and entire organization deliver above-target results.

All of this starts with being a great leader who sustains an empowering culture in which your people consistently deliver on your brand promise. This is how to delight customers and boost profits. It's where business strategy and culture meet. And we can show you how.


3601 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80303, EUA

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