About this business

Vali Soul Sanctuary was created on a dream... literally.

Sadhna had a dream that he needed to build a temple connected to his home to serve people. "I have no control over inspiration. The cosmos just flowed in. I wanted a safe place for souls to gather."  With that, he created the temple space now known as Vali Soul Sanctuary.

The definition of Yoga literally means unity. Unite with yourself!! The studio is a space for music and yoga of many different genres. We host teachers from across the region to serve you. Yoga, Kirtan, meditation, and martial arts, are a few classes we offer. We also host support groups that integrate yoga. Our extracurricular activities comprise of a variety of musicians, fundraisers, dance events and festivities.  Vali Soul Sanctuary is about self-healing in all the ways that it can be manifested.

The studio can also be scheduled for private parties and events after hours. Local and out of town talent such as Dj's, festivals, and shows are hosted frequently for your enjoyment. It's a place filled with a network of others walking the same path and expressing their brightness and more! We value community awareness and this is a sacred space to be you.


6717 Valmont Rd Boulder, CO

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