Boulder Restaurants

Foodies rejoice! In addition to having one of the best farmer's markets in the country and a local culinary school, Boulder hosts a vibrant restaurant scene of over 115 establishments. How good are these dining choices? Well, Bon Appétit named Boulder the Foodiest Town of 2010.

Boulder restaurants feature cuisine choices that run the gamut, while emphasizing organic selections, locally-grown produce, and native Colorado beef and bison. Add to that charming outdoor cafes, rooftop dining, and local breweries, and you've got an amazing way to indulge after your day of outdoor fun.

Check out our reviews of Boulder restaurants, and features of local dining and imbibing hot spots. You may burn a lot of calories in Boulder, but you won't go hungry (or thirsty).

Colorado-Grown Grapes Fuel Boulder’s Emerging Wine Scene

boulder co wine settembre cellars
Colorado is often affectionately referred to as the “Napa of Craft Beer”—but in reality, the state actually has an established wine scene of it’s own. Grapevines were first introduced in Colorado in the 19th century by miners relocating to the southern part of the state in hopes of striking it rich.

Over the years, vineyards began appearing in and around the Palisade/Grand Junction area, producing world-class grapes with the help of southern Colorado’s warm climate and water from mountain runoff. Low humidity and plenty of sunshine create ideal conditions for growers, resulting in sought-after grapes used by wineries throughout Colorado and beyond.

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Meet Taco Junky & Tequila Bar on The Hill

taco junky boulder
There’s a new eatery on The Hill in Boulder, following suit in a recent trend of restaurants setting up shop in the neighborhood. These new eateries opt to serve an elevated menu instead of the usual cheap cuisine found near a college campus.

The shift from inexpensive munchie food and bottled 3.2 beer began in 2010 when Cafe Aion took over the former digs of Burnt Toast—a favorite breakfast joint of hungover students and poetry junkies. Cafe Aion introduced traditional Spanish tapas and a legit wine list to frequent customers of the Hill, whose previous idea of adventurous food was pouring Sriracha on their Illegal Pete’s burrito at 2 a.m.

Shortly after Cafe Aion’s opening, Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe brought Conscious Coffee to the neighborhood, and the doors to The No Name Bar opened—revealing a prohibition era-themed bar and long list of craft cocktails.

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Your (Friendly) Neighborhood Beer Guide to Lafayette

lafayette beer brewery colorado Lafayette is quite the Colorado beer destination with four notable breweries in the town. And while they all serve good beer, each brewery has a little something unique to offer. If you haven’t had a chance to sample the best brews coming out of Lafayette, here’s a handy guide to get you started. Honestly, it’s the neighborly thing to do! Continue Reading

Blackbelly Market Boosts Burgeoning East Boulder Dining Scene

For years, downtown Boulder has been the well-known epicenter of our celebrated culinary scene. Highly decorated chefs wander Pearl Street and neighboring streets every day.

So when the time came for Chef Hosea Rosenberg, poster chef for Boulder’s culinary world, to open the doors of his first brick and mortar venture, all eyes were on available buildings downtown. But in a bold move becoming more and more popular with local dining-driven entrepreneurs, Rosenberg threw everyone a curveball and opted to open up shop east of Foothills Parkway.

“It all really started twenty years ago when Adam Avery dropped anchor out here,” said Rosenberg, inspiring the chef to pass up opportunities in the downtown area and put down roots at his current location. “There are a lot of people out here. Plus, the rent is cheap and there’s a lot of parking.”

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Because This Week Needs More Beer: Meet the Brewer Events

met the brewer boulder beer
Gonna have to say that one of my favorite things after a long bike ride in the summer is a fruity wheat beer from one of the Sun family of breweries. That, something burger-y, and friends? All I really need for an ideal post-biking afternoon. Although there’s snow on the ground and I’m not doing much biking (sigh, stares at bike trainer). That doesn’t mean, however, I can’t enjoy the Sun (capital S). In fact, both Boulderites and Denverites can enjoy the Sun tomorrow during their Meet the Brewer events.

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Pasta Jay’s: Boulder’s Quintessential Italian Restaurant

pasta jays boulder
Italian food, the marinara, the meatballs, the mozzarella, and all that garlic, is the best iteration there is of winter comfort food. One of my favorite parts of winter is walking into an apartment, a house, or a restaurant, that emanates the warmth of slow cooking food and all the welcoming, savory smells that come along with it. Pasta Jay’s on Pearl Street is one such pocket of warmth and coziness here in Boulder that is a must visit at any time of year, but especially when the air is chilly, the snow is falling, and the body is craving something hot, hearty, and delicious.

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Stout Month: The Chop Contest

mountain sun chops contest
You’re enjoying a stout style beer called Oatimus Prime, rich and dark and pleasing to the palate, when the bagpipes begin. The pipers enter in procession, followed by a regal figure carried on a litter. The most distinguishing feature on said figure (you notice, as he is lowered and descends from his royal chair) is his magnificent facial hair: two mutton chops, large and long and groomed to perfection. The entire crowded room raises dark pints, snifters and tulips to him as he strides to center stage and makes his annual proclamation. Later, he will reign over other mutton-chop wielding characters as they compete for the title of Best Chops.

He is the Chop King, and the ceremony over which he presides is Mountain Sun pub’s Chop Contest, the culminating event which takes place at the end of February, otherwise known to Mountain Sun loyalists as Stout Month.

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Bobby Stuckey: Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s “Sommelier of the Year” Talks Boulder, Wine Culture, and More

bobby stuckey boulder
In case you haven’t heard, Bobby Stuckey— a leader in the Boulder food and wine scene and co-proprietor of Frasca Food and Wine and Pizzeria Locale—was recently named “Sommelier of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. But for this well-traveled master sommelier, these recent praises in a long line of accolades, haven’t gone to his head. In fact, if you happen to run into Stuckey at one of his downtown Boulder restaurants during dining service, chances are he’s bussing your table.

Like most memorable personalities in the world of food and beverages, Stuckey attributes his success to a humble beginning bussing tables in the early ‘80s at a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. Of all of the different paths that an entry-level position in the restaurant industry can lead to, he chose wine.

“As a waiter, I always loved going to wine class,” said Stuckey. “That’s what started this whole journey.”

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Avery Brewing Co. to Celebrate Grand Opening of New Facility on February 16th

avery brewing boulder new On February 9, 2015, Avery Brewing Company threw one last party at 5763 Arapahoe Ave., Unit E—the brewery’s home since their inception in 1993. But Avery isn’t closed for business. In fact, this craft beer landmark in Boulder is just getting started. For more than four years, Adam Avery and his crew have been scheming, and dreaming, and waiting, and planning for the day that they would officially open the doors and welcome fans of Avery, and craft beer, into a much larger, more efficient brewery. And when 3 o’clock rolls around on Monday afternoon, that long wait will finally come to an end. Continue Reading

Boulder Beer and Food Collide

cooking with beer in boulder co
What can be better than drinking a fantastic Boulder beer? These breweries are giving it a shot with elevating the dining experience by adding their own beers in their food. Check out these seven Boulder breweries cooking with beer:

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