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To say Boulder is a healthy, fitness-oriented town is an understatement, and all the amazing opportunities for outdoor recreation are a big part of that. You almost can’t help but be in good shape here, thanks to miles of trails for hiking and running, an avid bicycling culture, and some of the best rock climbing around. And of course, a day of skiing is just a short drive away.

Boulder is also home to many true world-class athletes. Outside Magazine named Boulder the “#1 Sports Town in America” due to the high-caliber cyclists, runners, and rock climbers who live here and enjoy the bountiful training opportunities right outside the front door.

Don’t worry … you don’t have to be preparing for the Olympics to enjoy everything Boulder offers in the form of outdoor recreation. Take a look at some of the amazing free activities you can enjoy today.


Summer at Chautauqua: More Than Great Hiking

Chautauqua Park has long held a special place in my heart. In high school, my besties and I would buy some ice cream, hike a way up the trail at dusk and talk about high school related feelings. Later, it became a favorite place for me to take visitors for

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boulder hikes kids colorado

School’s Out! Boulder Hikes for Kids of All Ages

Spring moves quickly in Boulder. One day it’s snowing, the next day the wildflowers are popping up, and then suddenly it’s summer. In a mere 3 weeks, Boulder area schools will close and summer vacation begins. Ah, yes, summer vacation. As any parent will tell you, it’s both a blessing

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The 6 Best Boulder Trails for Wildflowers

With spring in full effect, Boulder’s open space is in the midst of its annual awakening. Hillsides and valleys are changing from brown to green. Previously bare trees are sprouting new leaves and beautiful blossoms. And the trails are lined with delightful pops of color, thanks to the swaths of

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boulder wildfire tips
About Your Boulder

Wildfire Preparedness in Boulder County: Fire Season Essentials

As we saw with the Sunshine Canyon Fire last month, the threat of wildfires is an unfortunate reality of living in Boulder. With its arid climate and largely forested ecosystem, Colorado and our county are natural risks for unpredictable, damaging fires. However, while we can’t always control when and where

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boulder skunk canyon 1

Boulder Hike of the Month: Skunk Canyon

Spring has officially arrived in Boulder. As long time residents will tell you, that doesn’t necessarily mean the wintery weather is over. Spring brings a little bit of everything to Boulder: sunshine, rain, snow, and mud. (And sometimes that’s all in one day!) But even as the wacky weather keeps

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flagstaff mountain

Boulder Hike of the Month: Flagstaff Mountain Summit

Flagstaff Mountain is Boulder’s 4th highest peak at 7,283 feet and its summit offers incredible views of the Continental Divide, the Boulder range, and the plains. It’s also a fantastic spot for wildlife watching. Deer, wild turkey, raptors, bears, bobcats, and even mountain lions are regularly spotted here. Rocky outcrops

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